"This New Marketing System Consistently Delivers Qualified, Motivated Buyers for My Rehabbed Properties."

....and it will for you too!

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Dear Real Estate Investor:

      How many deals would you like to profit from this year? Your real estate investing business can be better than ever! Why? Because we've finally discovered a dynamite way to find an avalanche of highly motivated buyers who want desperately to purchase their own homes.  And you'll have no competition... you can be the first person utilizing this revolutionary new marketing system! You'll never run out of good deals. These buyers will practically pound your door down wanting to deal with you.

      Guess what? It's simple! Not until now, however, have we run across an angle that works it so well! It's all in marketing. We'll tell you all about it!

      This is avant-garde selling. This is selling that works in the 2000's. This is what marketing and sales giants and legends Ron LeGrand, Dan Kennedy, Jeff Paul and a host of other notables are identifying as the way to high and consistent sales profits today. This is relationship and service selling, selling them as if you sold them not. This is the advisor approach that has always been so effective.

      It has been identified as a "hand-holding" approach to selling, and forthrightly, it fosters a favorable "dependence" on you.

Bottom line: You'll sell more properties. You'll make more money.

      The secret to finding these potential purchasers lies hidden in a miracle marketing strategy that compels highly motivated buyers to call you, rather than you calling them .  Competing sellers are eliminated because you position yourself as an expert information provider with whom these buyers feel obligated to do business. The source of supply is constant. You will never run out of renters who want to "get out of the rent trap" and own their own home... So what is the strategy?

2-Step Lead Generation Advertising

      Here it is in its ingenious simplicity:

      You place inexpensive classified ads or you direct mail inexpensive postcards that:

  • Directly target the intended audience
  • Offer FREE information of high perceived value to the renter
  • Include a non-threatening response mechanism (i.e. a toll- free 800# automated answering service (No operator Will Answer)

You respond to the FREE information request, which:

  • Establishes you as an expert authority on the subject of helping renters become proud home owners
  • Develops relationships between you and your future customers
  • Triggers the "law of reciprocity", thereby causing the renter to feel obligated and compelled to do business with you

     Like I said…its really very simple…to read what other real estate investors like yourself are saying about this, Click Here!


Renter Hunter's
Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics

     Renter Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics is a turnkey, 2-step lead generation marketing system (complete with all necessary instructions, tools and computer software) specifically designed for attracting motivated renters, first time home buyers & potential buyers with damaged credit who want to purchase homes.  This marketing system is a must for the serious real estate entrepreneur.  (For a brief description of how this system was developed, please click here.)

The first system component is the instruction manual which includes the following:

Introduction & Overview

Marketing Concepts

  • Lead Generation Advertising

  • 1-Step Advertising

  • 2-Step Advertising

  • The Law of Reciprocity

  • Emotional Logic in Selling

Step 1     Voice Mail System Setup

  • Account Setup at A.M.S.

  • Main Greeting Setup & Script

  • Individual Mailbox Setup & Scripts

    • Renter Script #1

    • Renter Script #2

Step 2     Free Reports & Collateral Material Development

  • Direct Mail Letter offering FREE REPORT

  • Direct Mail Postcard offering FREE REPORT


  • Cover letter to be sent with FREE REPORT

  • Follow up Postcard

  • Follow up Letter

Step 3     Generating Leads

  • Lead Generation through Classified Advertising

    • Classified Ads

  • Lead Generation through Editorial Style Advertising

    • Editorial Style Ads

  • Tracking & Testing Your Advertising

Step 4     Handling Responses

  • Prospects call Voice Mail System for FREE REPORT

    • Telephone to verify address before mailing out FREE REPORT

    • Telephone to verify receipt of FREE REPORT

    • Follow Up, Present Multiple Offers, Close

  • Prospects Call Your Direct Telephone Number for Immediate Assistance

    • Gather Information

    • Follow Up, Present Multiple Offers, Close

The second system component are the Work Files, which includes the following:

  • Classified Ads

  • Editorial Style Ads

  • Direct Mail Postcard offering FREE Report

  • Direct Mail Letter offering FREE Report

  • Renter Hunter's FREE Report

  • Renter Hunter's FREE Report Cover Letter

  • Follow up Postcard

  • Follow up Letter

The Complete Package

     You'll receive the manual that teaches you the 2-step lead generation advertising method, plus all of the tools necessary to implement the turnkey system. There is no need to reinvent the wheel… and there is certainly no need to retype and re-layout all of the letters, postcards and FREE Reports and that are included in the Work files. Just open the files in your word processor and change out my name and numbers with yours…its that simple!

     And talking about simple... the scripts that are used at my voice mail service are all professionally pre-recorded and ready for you to use! In other words, you don't even have to record your own messages for that non-threatening response mechanism mentioned earlier.

     And the FREE Reports... countless hours of research and painstaking attention to detail went into producing these invaluable FREE Reports. Just customize them with your company name, logo and phone numbers and you're in business! You don't have to write a thing. It is complete and ready go.

     This program will flood you with highly motivated buyers because:

  • It is founded on supplying a vital information for the renter wanting to buy
  • You deal exclusively with loyal, obligated buyers
  • You will be the only game in town utilizing this new marketing method
  • Other competing home sellers won't have a clue about your business
  • Its a simple to follow total turnkey program
  • All marketing pieces, ads, etc. are produced and ready to go
  • You can start instantly with small inexpensive ads
  • Satisfied buyers will tell their family and friends, creating repeat business for you

      And what's the cost for this exceptional money grabbing course? First of all, it's not a cost, it's an investment... in your profitable real estate investing business. Other have invested $295.00 in this course, but that was before it was available in digital format. In other words, the original courses that were sold had to be printed & bound, disks had to be copied & labeled, and finally everything had to be packaged & shipped.  But with the new advances in the speed, ease and user friendliness of digital delivery of information over the internet, we are able to offer Renter  Hunter's to you at the unbelievable price of only $47.00!  That's right --- $248.00 less than the original price of the hardbound version! Can you believe that? You'll get the exact same information others serious investors gladly paid $295.00 for, the only differences being that you'll get the manual in the form of an e-book and instead of getting the accompanying files on floppy disk you'll download them directly to your computer.  And once again, you'll be saving $248.00 in the process, and as an added bonus, the information will be available to you immediately upon ordering!  You can get started right away!  (If you haven't done so already and you're interested in how this system was developed, please click here.)

      Tell me, how much do you value your time...$20, $25, $40, maybe $75/hour? Or possibly $100/hour? Let's say you put a dollar value of just $20/hour for your time and effort. First, you would have to invest at least 100 hours in studying the true masters of marketing... the Dan Kennedys and Ron LeGrands of the world...and at $20.00 per hour, that's $2,000. Next, you've got to take the time to actually, as they say, "just do it". Finally, once you make yourself "just do it", you've got at least a good solid 80 hours worth of time, effort and energy you'll invest to come out with a product of this caliber... that's another $1600. We're up to $3,600...and that's at just $20/hour. I hope you get my point - its ridiculous for you to go out and re-invent the wheel...its already been done for you and is ready to go!

     And of course, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!  If you're not absolutely thrilled with the product, just let us know...we'll immediately issued you a full refund - no questions asked!  Other serious investors have tried the system...here's what they have to say!   


     Let Renter Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics loose in your town! Start helping owners in trouble today...start slamming more of those big fat juicy profits into your bank account!  Act today and put your business into hyper-drive tomorrow!


Hugh Williams

Real Estate & Note Investor

Allied Home Equities, Inc.

P.S. Renter Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics was developed as a result of the overwhelming success we achieved with our first marketing system, Mortgage Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics.  In addition to Renter Hunter's and Mortgage Hunter's we have a third marketing system called Foreclosure Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics.  We utilize all three of these lead generation marketing systems in our own real estate investing business and we're willing to share them with other serious real estate entrepreneurs: 

Foreclosure Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics was specifically designed for enticing financially +/or emotionally distressed property owners to contact us, before it's too late and they lose their property.  The benefit to the property owner is that we can usually help them avoid losing their home and ruining their credit.  The benefit to us is we are able to buy properties at substantial discounts, often utilizing the existing financing on the property, rather than coming up with all cash.  An additional benefit of using this system is that the distressed property owner typically calls us before the foreclosure process has started, enabling us to be "first in the door" and thereby eliminating our competition.  This is a complete marketing system, including step-by-step instructions and computer software.

We buy notes and mortgages...and if you're in the real estate investment business, you probably buy them too.  The problem we found was that there were just too many note buyers chasing the same note owners... that's why we developed Mortgage Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & TacticsThis system, specifically designed for our own discount note business, comes complete with all necessary instructions, tools and computer software for getting owners of privately held notes and mortgages to contact you.

Once we developed and started utilizing these advanced marketing systems, our real estate investing business really took off!  Then it came time to unload some properties... but after all that we had learned, we weren't about to go back to the "same old thing"  in regards to marketing our homes for sale.  That's when we developed Renter Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics, which was specifically designed for attracting motivated renters, first time home buyers & buyers with damaged credit who want to purchase homes.  Again, this is a  turnkey, 2-step lead generation marketing system, complete with all necessary instructions, tools and computer software for the serious real estate investor.

     Each Hunter's Series Marketing System sells for $47.00...but, as an incentive to purchase more than one...we are offering any two systems for only $77.00 or all three systems for just $97.00!  (Once again, these systems originally sold, in hardback version, for $295.00 each, any two for $495.00 or all three for $595.00.)

     Each system has a specific use...you be the judge of whether or not you think they will help you in your investing business.  If you buy notes and mortgages, obviously Mortgage Hunter's is for you...but eventually you are most likely going to own a property or two...and to get rid of these, you need Renter Hunter's. 

     If you like purchasing properties at severe discounts, you need Foreclosure Hunter's...you'll definitely end up with homes...and once again, you'll want Renter Hunter's to help you find buyers for those houses.

     Thank you very much for your time and your interest.  Below are the various links for the different purchase combinations, and remember, we are so confident in our products that we offer an unconditional money back guarantee...if you are not  satisfied with our product(s) for any reason whatsoever, simply let us know and we'll refund 100% of your money!  

     By the way, ClickBank is our safe and secure credit card processing company - they do an excellent job and once again, we feel that their servers are absolutely safe and secure.  In fact, we never see your credit card information - only ClickBank does.  (And by the way, you can use your PayPal account at ClickBank.)  

     Thanks again and Good Hunting!

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Click Here to Purchase Mortgage Hunter's and Renter Hunter's for $77.00

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